Customer Strategy & Marketing

What is a customer? It is a person, an individual, someone that trusts your brand, buys your product or service, and if satisfied becomes loyal, repurchasing your brand for years, even generations.

Do you know and understand your customer?

Who they are? What they think? How they feel? What they believe? Why they believe the way they do? How about their purchase behavior? Why they behave the way they do? What interests do they have? Are their interests in common with others? How does their culture impact their behavior? How do other cultures change that behavior?

Nothing happens until a sale is made.

A sale requires a customer, and therefore there is no business without customers.

Customers are people, human.

Is your brand human? Do you listen to the voice of your customer…their thoughts, feelings, beliefs?

Your brand is only as good as your customers think, feel, and believe it is.

Therefore brands are only human.

Is this your customer?