Web Design & Development

Web Architecture
By definition, architecture is the art and science of design and building for both function and aesthetics.

Once built, it also represents the lasting structure long into the future.

The same principles of architecture apply to designing, engineering, developing, and managing your website(s) and online web presence to ensure they are optimizing their contribution to your business and brand strategy.

Web Design & Development includes the following three phases:

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1. Interface Design
This is the arrangement and makeup of how a user can interact with a site. The web user interface is where a person and a website touch; menus, components, forms, and all other ways you can interact with a website.

2. Information Design
This is how information is presented and arranged on your site, preparing it in the best possible way so that users can efficiently and effectively find and digest information. In many sites, just finding information becomes challenging, so information design is critical in not only finding it but processing it for the user.

3. Aesthetic Design
This is the overall visual look and feel of the site. As important as being visually attractive is whether the site is appropriately designed. Different designs convey different messages to the user, so it is essential that a design communicates the brand and site’s message.

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