20/20 Vision for You and Your Brand

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By Meghan Keator

In this new decade, resolutions for yourself and your brand can feel like you’re stuck on a rollercoaster — you start off chugging along uphill, surpassing the initial challenges that face you, and then after a few blissful moments of coasting on top of the world you find yourself plummeting into panic and confusion. It’s no wonder that by February, 80% of people have lost sight of their intentions for improvement.

Yet, New Year’s resolutions don’t have to be goals that blindly shoot for the stars with fingers crossed. Here are three easy and practical resolutions or goals to achieve by the end of this year that can have you smiling and thriving (go ahead, give yourself a mini preemptive pat on the back to get you started).

Goal 1: Find or rediscover what motivates you and your team to build your mission as a company.

Take a deep look into yourself — your interests, values, strengths, and areas for improvement — and do the same for your company’s brand. How do you two align? What can you contribute individually and with your fellow collaborators to guide your brand to a higher level of performance and results?

Reflection can be insightful, and discovering your collective purpose can be powerfully motivating!

Goal 2: Channel your inner-Greta Thunberg and find sustainability.

Look after your work environment by looking out for the environment. Becoming 100% eco-friendly in one year may seem like a stretch, but your team can make small steps now to become more sustainable. Sort the trash and recycle plastic bottles, let windows and the sun be your desk light, and take paperless notes on your laptop (or switch to notebooks with a good eco-rating if you think best with pen and paper).

How can this frame of mind translate into how you treat your brand so it stands the test of time? What can your brand do more of or lose in order to tell its story better to current and new customers? Consider video content as an example, and the changing trends in how people are watching. Does your brand post weekly Instagram Stories? How can it help if you also try TikTok? What would happen if you start to cross-link these two accounts to get more followers?

Goal 3: Challenge yourself to be your best self.

There is only one you, and only one brand as unique as yours. Embrace those interests, values, and strengths you discovered from Goal #1 and act on them as a team to show what you can do and to exceed expectations. There may always be outside competition (just ask Netflix how it feels about Disney+, Apple TV+, and Youtube TV), but also compete against yourself. Set a high bar, take inventory, and start improving now. Perhaps that means updating your brand message, content, SEO strategy, and user experience to gain an engaged audience that likes what you do and will spread your word for you.

Three easy resolutions for you and your brand. Time to go out and conquer a new decade!

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