A Very Merry Digital Christmas

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By Hannah Wagner

Snow is falling, lights are brightly shining, and the impending deadline for people to complete their holiday shopping list is closer than ever. With the shopping-window getting smaller every day, odds are the first and most convenient place they’ll go is online.

A recent poll showed that 47% of women between the ages of 18-75 would complete more than half of their holiday shopping online. 45% of those women would complete more than half of those purchases on mobile devices. On top of this, male consumers spend 68% more than women online. The reality of online shopping is becoming the new status quo amongst consumers, and it’s taking more and more to be prepared.

On Black Friday alone, online sales reached $7.4 billion with $2.4 billion being purchases made via smartphones. Additionally, Cyber Monday wrapped up at $9.4 billion with $3 billion purchases via smartphones.

Traditional shopping is still the majority of holiday revenue for businesses, and it’s hard to say if it will ever become completely obsolete. However, this year alone, online sales hit an all-time high and, with a steady rise over the years, it is quickly becoming the fastest-growing shopping channel.

How might this apply to you if you have a product to offer online? Studies show that about 63% of shoppers begin their product search online, and 60% of smartphone shoppers turn to mobile search before heading to the store. With Cyber Monday having a 6.39% conversion rate and the average consumer willing to spend $1,226 on holiday gifts, it’s important to ensure you’re effectively reaching the online shopper.

A unique and heartfelt campaign such as L.L.Bean’s 2018 Contest #12DaysofPuppies is a prime example of a way to put your product directly in the path of the consumer. Not only did the campaign encourage consumer engagement, but it provided a $50 gift card incentive that would reach further than the usual customer.

Think about it. If you see a contest that you connect with and that provides a reward, you’ll most likely look into it. Once you reach the site, you’ll probably spend another 15-20 minutes scrolling through the products trying to find something to buy (in case you actually do win the contest). More often than not, you’ll surely find something that strikes your eye and, even if you don’t win that contest, chances are you’ll purchase it anyway. Why wouldn’t you? It’s the holiday season, prices are better than normal, and shopping can be completed in the palm of your hand.

With the ease and efficiency of online shopping, it’s important to ensure your business is ready for the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. So buckle up, put your thinking cap on, and drive your online business this year!

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