Browse (the Internet) Through Someone Else's Eyes

“Walk a day in someone else’s shoes” — a phrase that encourages us to put ourselves in someone else’s place and remind us that we may take certain things for granted in our daily lives.

What about applying this perspective in our Digital lives, too?

Check it out:

Now a new Google Chrome extension, called Colorblindly, lets you get a peek into what it’s like to be a color-blind person on the Internet. The extension simulates color blindness in your web browser. It's designed to help developers create websites for those with color blindness as to give them a fair and engaging browsing experience, whether that be scrolling a Facebook timeline or browsing today’s Amazon deals.

To say it’s an eye-opening experience would be an understatement. When you see the world transforming into a place of physical accommodation — elevators, accessible ramps, etc. — it’s comforting to know that mindset is also translating into the Digital world.

It’s easy to get yourself into a “show-hole” or stay up until 3 AM watching YouTube videos, but it’s also easy to forget the Internet isn’t as equally accommodating or accessible to everyone. Gestures like the Colorblindly extension are a step in the right direction for those who can use a boost, and also a friendly reminder for the rest of us that not everything comes easy for others.

Want to see? Download the Google Chrome extension for Colorblindly here!

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    Brittany Shew
    Senior Digital Marketing Manager
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