Celebrate Good Times (C’mon)!

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By Morgen Irwin

You know the saying, “Stop and smell the roses?” Well, do you?

In our offices, it’s our nature to become absorbed in the work, crush milestones, and deliver for our clients. At the same time, though, it’s important to recognize and appreciate the personal milestones happening around us.

And today is a particularly special day just for that.

Today, June 15, TRAINOR’s Director of Digital and Social Media Marketing, Stephanie Geary — aka Steph, SGeary, Stephbunny, the Marketing Guru, and lover of coffee, pugs, and indie music — is celebrating her three-year anniversary at TRAINOR!

Personally, I’ve never known a day at TRAINOR without her, and I’m sure I speak for everyone at our offices when I say I love that she inspires me to always work hard, never stop learning, and be better. More importantly, I love that I’ve gained a lifelong friend through TRAINOR. That’s what’s so great about what we do. As we initiate relationships, we maintain them and work together to make sure they grow.

An essential piece of that is celebrating the little things and the big things, like today. After all, what’s a life (or work life) that’s not worth celebrating? Here’s to the ultimate work bae. Happy 3 Years, SGeary!

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Morgen is not your typical millennial. She's a mobile-first, self-motivated marketing and communications professional with years of experience in Digital and Social Media marketing, and client relations. As Director of Digital Marketing, words like hyperlocal, KPI, and ROI are part of her everyday lingo.