Does Facebook Know What We’re Dreaming About?

Stephanie Trainor
By Stephanie Geary

Have you ever thought or talked about something and swear you saw an ad for it on Facebook soon after?

Let me share with you my favorite meme:

Facebook meme 1

Chances are, this isn’t Inception and Facebook isn’t Leo DiCaprio roaming in our dreams. That's because Facebook doesn’t have to — it already has enough data on us to create digital fingerprints (profiles for our profiles) for each of us and send us creepy accurate ads!

If a particular ad pops up in front of you, chances are you either searched for the item it’s advertising or something related to it, maybe days ago...and maybe without even realizing it.

And that’s how good Facebook targeting can be.

When it comes to Facebook, cookies don’t count like they do on other platforms, such as Google. So it doesn’t matter how many times you clear your cache.

Think about how many devices you are logged into right now on Facebook — your phone, laptop, and work computer, to name a few. Well now, Facebook can easily track what you’re doing across all of those devices. Creepy or awesome?

As a user, I like the targeting. More times than not it has helped me discover new brands and products based on similar things I’ve bought or browsed.

As a marketer, I love the ability to get ads with cool creative in front of the most relevant eyeballs and in turn help consumers discover new products and brands while increasing business leads and sales.

How about you?

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