How UX Design Can Electrify Your Brand Story

By Brian Ewanyk

Does your website tell the story of your brand? Does it have a clear message articulated in an immersive design to grip, inform, and engage every visitor and grow an audience?

Within moments of arriving to your site, a visitor should understand your brand and “What’s In It For Me?” Crafting your story through a unique layout, purposeful images, copy, color, and easy functionality allows you to provide a visitor with an experience that can develop into a deeper relationship as they go from panel to panel, page to page, and interact with a customized flow of events curated by you.

If not, and your story is poorly told on an out-of-date, difficult-to-navigate website, you can lose a visitor's trust and business within seconds.

A brand is a lot more to a business than just a logo and name. It’s a personality. This personality is the backbone for your audience to understand and feel who you are. On a digital platform (à la your website), you can tell your story, share your personality, and make an impact, especially with outstanding User Experience (UX) design.

Many things are taken into account when problem-solving and creating a unique digital platform for a specific brand. What are you about? Who is your key audience and what makes them happy? What turns them off? What are their beliefs, lifestyles, and passions?

Winning UX reaches all of these points while celebrating your brand’s strengths and quirks in a visual story playing responsively across phones, tablets, and laptops to attract, engage, and influence key users and everyone in between.

Broken down, what does winning UX design do for your brand?

  • Communicates your mission and reason for existence.
  • Shows your brand personality, in full.
  • Engages your audience.
  • Allows your visitors to be easily guided to conclusions.
  • Expands your reach.
  • Makes you unique.
  • Allows you to clearly and effectively share content in a controlled and emotional way.
  • Most importantly, it allows your audience to easily answer the main question, “What’s in it for me?”
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As a sharp UX Designer telling your brand’s story, Brian combines the fresh ingredients of originality and experience to show your customers “What’s in it for me?” His nimble skills with digital and traditional tools and thought vitalize brands. Whether he’s designing an interface for a new website or app (always mobile first!), or a library of compelling digital marketing ads for a campaign, or collaborating with a client on their office overview brochure layout (just to name a few), Brian brings his eye, instincts, and energy to take your story further.