How To Make Your Content Work For You

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By Hailey McKay

Picture this scenario: You’re a business owner with a blog section on your company’s website. You’re set on writing more every month to add to that blog and attract potential customers, but when it comes down to it, you end up writing once every couple of months, if that.

On top of that, once you finally write and publish that next blog post and check on its performance over a couple of days, you start asking yourself, “Why don’t I have any traffic going to my blog?”

As a business owner, you know that everything takes time. Time is money. Even if your content strategy isn’t generating leads to begin with (which is nearly impossible for a brand new blog, by the way), you need to put time into making that content great and worth your time AND money.

There are a couple of things business owners are missing when focusing on content — blog posts included — for their business:

  • Focusing on the right content topic AHEAD of time
  • Where and how you share your content
  • Placing effective keywords in your content
Focus on the RIGHT topic

Focus on a quarterly content strategy with topics that meet your customers’ needs and your business’ needs. If you own a shoe store, consider writing about the best running shoes for your feet or this year's best men’s shoes. And describe why. If you don’t care about your content, your customers won’t either.

Think about it: What content aligns with my business that readers are going to care about AND read?

Where and How to Share Your Content

Your family, your customers, and your potential customers aren’t going to find your blog post because you post it on your website unless you have a thriving blog with hundreds of thousands of visitors per day. It is crucial to share it on as many marketing platforms as you have access to so people can engage with it. It also gives Google an opportunity to say “Hey, people like this post, it’s worth ranking in search results for more people to read.”

Placing Keywords in Your Content

Here are some questions to think about when selecting keywords to place in your blog posts:

  • Does everyone in your target audience know who you are?
  • How are they going to find you if they don’t know your company’s name?
  • Can you use your products and services as keywords? (The answer is yes!)

When writing your blog posts, focus on the keywords that you know people are searching for to give the post an opportunity to rank in Google search results.

Here’s an example: You sell engagement rings, so you write a blog post titled, “The Secret To Buying the Perfect Diamond.” Research the relevant industries and categories associated with this blog topic to discover which keywords and keyword phrases have solid performance results for you to utilize. If you’re selling engagement rings, perhaps the keyword phrase "buying the perfect engagement ring" is a solid option backed by your researched data. If so, place this keyword phrase into your post, but not too many times.

Now that you have your blog topics figured out and the keywords you want in each post, there are still ways to promote your content for free AND make it beneficial to your blog and business. Check out some of the benefits for posting content for free on social media:

  1. Get free traffic to your website
    Did I just say “free” and actually mean free? YES. Say it with me: FREE traffic! Even if it’s one person or two people, that’s more than you started with. By posting your blog on a social media platform that’s relevant for your audience — such as Facebook or LinkedIn — all of your followers can engage with that content.

    The Benefit(s):
    • Getting traffic to your website increases the chances Google will find your website and services useful and more authoritative.
    • It also builds trust for those people reading your blog. Writing about it and sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn helps to build trust and credibility between potential customers and your business.

  2. Give your readers an opportunity to share
    If your followers like your content, they may share it with their friends and your post will end up getting more impressions (eyeballs) on your blog post. You know what that means? More traffic from more potential clients viewing your thought leadership.

  3. Incorporating keywords into social media text is good for SEO
    Remember when I said it matters what you place into the content of your blog post? The keywords (including the products and services you provide) will be crucial to place into your corresponding social media post, too.

    Using the same keywords in your blog posts and social media text could potentially provide a search engine optimization (SEO) benefit for your social media channels to start ranking more favorably in search results.

    Here’s an example: You own a pool cleaning business, so you write a blog post on pool maintenance tips. From your research, you select the keyword phrase “maintaining your pool” to include in your blog post. You then also write a corresponding social media post with that keyword phrase. An example: “Pool owners — check out our recent blog post on the best-kept secrets to maintaining your pool. Click here to discover pool maintenance tips!”

  4. Boost your online presence
    Customers trust brands that are active on social media and update their content often. It shows them that these brands are staying up to date with digital marketing trends and hopefully being creative with these trends so that they hold and attract customers.

  5. Use content to generate sales
    Sharing relevant, electric content within a thoughtful long-term strategy can spark action within your current and new customers as they stay tuned and share your voice and view week after week throughout the years.

So there you have it — five ways you can make your content work for you. With the right combo of creativity and strategy behind your content, you can grow the audience and customers you desire, and then some.

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Hailey has many years of experience in digital marketing, specifically managing social media, SEO, and content strategies for companies. When she’s not in writing mode as TRAINOR’s Content Producer, she’s working on a house project with her fiance (and hopefully not making her fourth trip to the flooring store) or spending time with her rambunctious German Shepherd puppy, Marley, and two cats, Ozzy and Harper.