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By Hannah Wagner

Today, businesses are forced to shift to remote operations, limit operations altogether or close indefinitely. What’s your solution to keep (and gain) customers, market your business, and adapt your current advertising? How can your brand management partner (like TRAINOR) help?

For 33+ years now - we have been creating options and taking action for our clients through times of uncertainty. We help you jump over the many hurdles — initial response, brand reassurance, paid advertising tactics, marketing campaign recommendations, et cetera.

How does this differ from “normal” circumstances?

Did you know that, given shifts in consumer behavior because of the coronavirus (COVID-19), media sites are experiencing a 17% spike in traffic? When it comes to Google searches, however, different industries are seeing varying performance results with paid advertising. According to a recent study, industries such as health and medical, business management, beauty and personal care, and on-demand media are experiencing an increase across metrics in the double digits!

But industries such as real estate, home improvement, automotive, and retail are seeing mixed results. Travel and tourism, bars and restaurants, live entertainment, and sports and fitness have been hit the hardest. 

In our digital world, now is the time to solidify your online presence and use it to your advantage. As you adapt to your new and improved strategies we’ll help you with the details - but here are some things you can monitor and take charge of yourself:

1. Be Transparent.
With many businesses being forced to shut down or change operations because of federal and state decisions nationwide, it’s a given that your customers may be confused as to how or if your business is still operating. In some cases (like car dealerships), only certain aspects of the business may have been put on hold. It’s important to let customers know if you’re still open and operating, any changes in business hours, and stay proactive about any delays or frustrations that may be experienced. Connect with them on social media, email, phone or virtual meetings.

2. Remain In Contact.
Keep communicating with your customers. Even if social media is based on the idea of being able to remain in contact with those near and far, there are added distractions. Add on to this the difficulties of miscommunication and misunderstandings. In order to stay on top of your messaging strategies, weekly (or even daily) communication is a must.

3. Think Mobile-First.
It’s no secret that the world has become a mobile-driven economy, which means the digital user experience and marketing should follow suit. Whatever digital marketing campaigns you currently have running or intend to run, keep mobile-first at the forefront of your strategy! With traffic skewing toward mobile, media outlets are seeing more cost-efficient CPCs with mobile campaigns. If other companies cut back on budgets, there will be less competition, which means your overall PPC advertising spend may perform more efficiently than normal. 

We’re all going through these uncertain times together. It’s an opportunity to think about who you can help and who can help you to adapt and build a stronger outcome for yourselves and business.

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Hannah is an exuberant and inquisitive digital marketing coordinator. Whatever is the hot new digital trend or strategy, she’ll be sure to get all the info! When she’s not searching the web for answers to a digital marketer's greatest question, she’s often baking at home while her pup helps her root for her favorite team — the Bruins.