Netflix and Ad(vertising)

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By Gabriela Alise

For those of you binge-watching your go-to Netflix series, have you noticed a slight interruption? I’m not talking about the “Are you still watching?” screen prompts. Netflix is now testing a new kind of interruption: promotional video ads.

The multi-billion dollar streaming service claims these ads are NOT commercials, but rather short previews that are appearing at the end of an episode. They are meant to decrease the time spent searching for your next binge-worthy show by providing recommendations of a similar genre.

For those of you concerned about these brief interruptions, you are not alone. So far, the ads previews have had pretty negative backlash, with many users posting complaints on sites such as Reddit and Twitter. But, not to worry Netflix aficionados, the company has informed us that viewers have the capability to skip or opt out of the ads. This is just one of the hundreds of tests Netflix conducts each year, where the majority of them are never actually implemented.

One thing I did ask myself is, why administer these tests if the majority of them fail? Well, with the uprise of other streaming competitors like Hulu, HBO Go, and Amazon Prime Video, Netflix needs to keep their customers from fleeing. Most recently, the company noticed a major drop in membership sign-ups for the first time this past July (uh oh).

So, will this be another Netflix throw-away trial or will these ad underdogs come out on top?

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