Stay Connected Through the Holidays

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By Brianne Zink

As an unprecedented year reaches its conclusion, we are launched into the cheerfully anticipated holiday season. It’s a time to reflect on the milestones of 2020 and connect with people we love over food and traditions. What’s not so wonderful this particular season, are the restrictions on gatherings and canceled events due to the pandemic.

Over the holidays, you can still stay connected and participate, even during seemingly dispiriting times. These tips may also ease the transition returning to the workplace while you adjust to restraints on co-worker connections and business operations.

We value connection, being on the same wavelength of our clients, and having the ability to heighten relationships with those we work with.

In today’s socially-distanced, digital world, we believe all of us can stay connected. 

Innovative Technology for Intergenerational Family and Workplace Connection

Stay connected to the ones you love, even if you can’t be face-to-face. This season especially, reaching out to friends and family members is uplifting and beneficial to our mental health. Thankfully, the innovation of the world has made connection easier and more convenient for all ages.

Today, most rely on technology for school, work, personal lives, shopping – the possibilities are endless. Try some of our favorable and beneficial apps we use to stay connected.


For Families and Friends

Gmail, Drive, and Hangouts are easy tools to communicate online with your loved ones. Google makes it easy by having everything in one place. It offers the ability to share and store important messages, pictures and videos, and even holiday recipes everyone seems to lose track of.

For the Workplace

Documents, spreadsheets, content, and project resources can be stored and shared between employees and outside sources. With a focus on privacy and convenience, Google can help keep your business or organization running smoothly during a technology-dependent time.


For Families and Friends

By now, most people know of or have used ZOOM for school or work. This video communication platform is used for in-time meetings and conferences all around the world. It’s a great solution for a family game night you can no longer host. Instead of sulking over canceled events and gatherings, download ZOOM.

For the Workplace

Are the majority of your coworkers working from home? Are the conference room chairs collecting dust? ZOOM is your new go-to for meetings, conferences, and interviews. Avoid the risk of in-person gatherings and create a ZOOM account! Take advantage of ZOOM’s bonuses, from screen sharing, personal messaging, expanding productivity, and team performance.

Marco Polo

For Families and Friends

Marco Polo helps you share moments in your life without the stress of being in the same time zone or being on the same schedule. Connect with your loved ones by leaving a considerate video message or picture for them to check in on later. Scratch the pressure of perfect timing and replace it with unforgettable and automatically recorded moments. Download on your smartphone!

For the Workplace

Struggling with work relationships because restrictions are preventing you from connecting after a long work day? Marco Polo aides in workplace relationship building. Create a group for your co-workers where anyone can share a funny moment, boast about an experience, and have casual conversations. Avoid the frustrations of long group texts and email chains when you’re using Marco Polo.

A Focus on Workplace Connection to Start off a New Year



Be on the same page and make decisions in real time with a convenient, easy-to-use app, created to bring your team and your workday into one platform. Slack connects employees, giving you the option of creating channels for designated teams and projects. Send simple messages, images and video, documents, and links. Talk through simple voice calls or video, giving you the bonus option of screen sharing for more productivity. Slack keeps everyone connected and gives businesses and organizations that same “at the office” feel.


Connection in the workplace can mean communication between employees, clients, and volunteers involved in a specific project. Basecamp is an all-in-one platform that helps with communication, time management, project tasks, and document storage. Keep everything in one place and have task management and employee accountability for better performance overall. Basecamp changes the concept of remote work from all over the place, to all-in-one place.


At TRAINOR, we value relationships and the connections we have between them. This holiday season, remember – while technology has become a nuisance for many, it can be a beneficial way of being with the ones who matter most. At any moment, your co-workers, friends, and especially your loved ones, are only a wavelength away. Technology has you covered this season, and TRAINOR wants you to feel connected at any time, any season, and any moment.


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