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Stephanie Trainor
By Stephanie Geary

Google’s Updated Advertising Policies – Housing, Employment, and Credit Edition: October 2020

Many questions have come up around Facebook and now Google’s latest ad policy updates. In the latest round of Google Policy Updates, impacted products and services include Housing, Employment, and Credit. This is really no surprise as this update from Google comes roughly a year after Facebook launched their “Special Ad Categories” policy.

Who Does This Apply To?

  • Housing: Housing listing sites, individual houses for sale or rental, real estate services*
  • Employment: Ads for jobs, job recruitment sites, job listing sites*
  • Credit: Credit cards, loans including home loans, car loans, appliance loans, short-term loans*

Even if you don’t fall directly into one of these categories you can be affected if your product/service is close. For example, Auto ads featuring a price point may get flagged even though it doesn’t explicitly state the ad is for a car loan. 

What Does This Mean And What To Do?

On Google, potentially impacted advertisers should have received a notification to accept and verify that you have reviewed the policy updates. 

Targeting impact on Google:

“In an effort to improve inclusivity for users disproportionately affected by societal biases; housing, employment, and credit products or services can no longer be targeted to audiences based on gender, age, parental status, marital status, or ZIP code.”*

On Facebook, you have to opt into the “Special Category” option. There are limitations on targeting when you do this, such as the removal of ZIP code targeting. 

When it comes to advertising policies it can be frustrating to us as marketers but in the end, they are implemented with the best interest of Users in mind. These new policies are hurdles to overcome but it is something we deal with in digital marketing quite often. We, at TRAINOR, are able to navigate them successfully to avoid a major impact on delivery and results. 

*Source: Google Advertising Policies Help

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