The Business of Blogging

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By Meghan Keator

Many of us have heard of blogs. Many of us have even read a few or maybe a few hundred of them. But many businesses fail to realize how important having a blog can be, and skip out on the opportunity (a truly missed opportunity) altogether. 

Unique, digital content is in demand, and it will be for a long time coming. That being the case, it’s no surprise then that 80% of people online engage with both their favorite companies’ blogs and social media channels.

Conclusion: Start a blog! 

Why start a blog for your business?

Well, if the fact that 80% of Internet users engage with blogs wasn’t convincing enough, there are many other benefits of having a blog for your business.

Blogs offer a creative way to build brand and product awareness, highlight industry news, showcase winning reviews, and even build customer engagement with contests, promotional offers, events, and discussions. Plus, blogs house all of the content you want on your site without cluttering any of the main pages.

70% of people prefer to learn more about a company by reading articles!



How blogging helps your business:

1. Blogs improve your SEO.

Blogs offer a great place to build upon your cache of customized content and highly searched keywords relevant to your business or products. This way, the right traffic can get to your site to find your products or services!

2. Blogs increase organic traffic & customer engagement.

Better SEO will likely generate more organic traffic to your website. And who doesn’t like free visitors to their site? Plus, blogs help companies connect with both customers and other businesses as well, which can lead to increased user engagement if people share or comment on your content.

3. Blogs improve customer experience

It’s simple: engaged customers have a better experience than those who are disengaged. Blogs can be the ice-breaker between your product or service and a new customer. Plus, each post can speak directly to a specific demographic or target audience without detracting from your other pages.

4. Blogs increase your ROI.

Better SEO results, increased user experience and engagement, better click-through rates, increased average time on page, and more sales: these are the gems that a well-planned blog strategy can produce to form the crown of your business’s success.

Companies with blogs produce on average 67% more leads monthly than companies without blogs.

                      Source & More Eye-Popping Blog Stats

Key blog writing tips for businesses:

Now that you realize how effective a blog can be for your business, keep in mind these three tips:

  • Form a consistent schedule for blog posts and stick with it!

  • Create hype and advertise new blog posts on your social media channels.

  • When pressed for time, partner with blog writing services.

Writing blogs is a rewarding endeavor, but it does take a lot of time, thought, and management on a monthly, even weekly basis. It’s no wonder we incorporate blogs as part of our organic marketing strategy for our clients. 

Want to start a blog that builds a better business? Drop us a line! 

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