What About Snapchat?

Stephanie Trainor
By Stephanie Geary

“What about Snapchat?...” It’s the question businesses small and large are asking. “Should we be on it?”

As of now, there are 187 million daily Snapchat users with 1 million Snaps created every day. 71% of Snapchat users are under 34 and those under 25 use the app for 40 minutes per day on average. This beats the latest Instagram stat for the same demo. Bonus stat: If you wanted to watch all of the photos and videos shared on Snapchat in the last hour it would take you 10 years.

Did I mention this is a mobile only app?

Don’t expect Snapchat to make your sales and leads skyrocket, but if you’re looking for exposure, are trying to reach a younger demographic, and have the right message, Snapchat may be the key.

For instance, depending on your product or service, you can use Snapchat to give insider tours, launch products, and promote sales.

And yes...there’s more!

As a marketer, my favorite part about Snapchat? The geofilters!

Geofilters are designs you can overlay onto the content you make in Snapchat as you share it with friends and followers. Geofilters are unique because they are only available and only appear when you're in a specific location.

Businesses can have fun and be effective in the way they use geofilters, customizing and directing them to Snapchat users in a given location by geofencing that area, engaging their audience, and generating brand awareness. Plus, geofilters are relatively inexpensive as a marketing tool.

An example, you ask? Check out a TRAINOR geofilter placed in and around the Adirondack Bank Center:

Trainor Hockey Snapchat

As you take the six or so seconds to ponder how you can utilize Snapchat to grow your brand, raise the question beyond the app...which Social Media channels should you be using?

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