What Do Facebook’s Changes Mean For You?

Stephanie Trainor
By Stephanie Geary

Transparency. Transparency. Transparency.

Uncle Zuck announced that Facebook Newsfeed algorithms are changing (again) to prioritize “meaningful interaction” content from family, friends, and groups ...and less from “passive content” businesses, brands, and media. This means Pages can expect to see even less Organic post reach. Face With Rolling Eyes Emoji

Soooo how do you continue to get your brand in front of people, and most of all your fans — the people who have chosen to follow you?

Create organic posts with copy and graphics/video that make users want to engage (react/comment/share/tag friends, etc.). More people will start seeing your posts if their friends are engaging with them.

Embrace the change and the challenge to create more engaging content. In fact, Facebook is actually penalizing posts that are begging for engagement. So create the engagement naturally and don’t ask for it.

Also, as organic reach continues to drop with each algorithm change, put extra emphasis and attention on paid ads.

Pump up your organic posts and content this way with supplemental paid ads and we will put our Facebook ad skills to work. You’ll be amping up those reach and engagement numbers in no time.

Don’t let the algorithm and targeting changes scare you. Facebook’s user growth has been steady and first quarter ad revenue increased 50% year over year, meaning nobody's going anywhere — your fans, advertisers, and most of all those untapped customers.

Get excited for new changes coming this month like cross-posting to Instagram and Augmented Reality! Stay tuned, Facebook fans!

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