Nirvana Natural Spring Water

How Water Should Taste.

America’s finest spring water approached us to make it known that it wasn’t a myth: that two magnificent Ice Aged Aquifers were below the foothills of the Adirondacks, producing crisp, pure spring water. Some say if you drink it, you breathe deeper and see clearer, often days into the future. Nirvana took our team on a secret expedition to the hidden source and springs and after slaking our thirst with the good stuff, we found it to be true: the taste, the purity, the invigoration. Heck, even our Head of IT Jerry drained a bottle, threw aside his glasses, and insisted on running to the office as the rest of us tried to catch up in the car.

What we sprung: a full-out killer website and branding materials, fluid social media marketing across channels, streams, and rivers, and exclusive, enticing partnerships with other leading national brands that cannot drink enough of Earth’s purest spring water.

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