Oneida County Tourism

Get Away To It All.

What an adventure it is to shine a light on Central New York, working closely with Oneida County Tourism to rediscover this county as The Getaway Region, pulsating with natural wonders, engaging activities, exquisite dining, and interesting people. We created a whisper and grew it to a full-on roar with purposeful rebranding and strong digital marketing to attract both the unaware and curious.

Since TRAINOR stepped in, visitor spending in Oneida County has increased from 951 Million in 2009 to 1.4 Billion in 2016, and increase of 47%. In 2016 alone, traveler spending rose 6.4% in Central New York, the largest increase in the state with Oneida County representing 64% of the region’s tourism sales. In 2016, traveler spending in Oneida County increased 8.8% to more than $1.4 billion supporting 19,214 jobs and creating an annual tax savings of $1,824 per household.

We keep growing and nurturing strong partnerships within the Central New York Vacation Region, I LOVE NY and Brand USA, our nation’s travel promotion agency. Of course we do. We love this place.


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