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TRAINOR is a creative and technology collaborative of brand storytellers; philosophers, culturists, scientists, strategists, writers, artists, and inventors focused on developing cross-platform brand experiences that deliver high return on investment.

We believe every brand has a story. Storytelling is an art, merging history, culture, experiences, and what is to come. Where we have been and where we are going. What is relevant from yesterday for today and tomorrow. To experience your brand your audience seeks an entertaining, emotional, and indelible story. We create those stories and the tools to tell them.

Successful brands don’t change their stories, they last for generations because they are true to their story. The story is the brand. The brand is the story.

And we are true storytellers.

  • Your website is your marketing engine. Your digital and online marketing is the fuel.

    Tim Trainor, President
  • To be successful, your brand must be human as well.

    Tim Trainor, President
  • Your brand is your business. Your business is the brand.

    Tim Trainor, President
  • Without a customer, there is no business.

    Tim Trainor, President

The Art of Storytelling

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Grow Your Brand. Grow Your Business.

  • Our clients choose us because we’re different. We’re different because we’re not afraid. We blow things up when need be and then build them back up better than they ever were before. Our innovative strategies, bleeding-edge technology, and provocative creative help those we work with to overcome their greatest challenges and realize their most far-reaching goals. So bring us your dreams. We’ll deliver the ingenuity to change the future of your company.

  • The greatest brands are founded in truth. It is our job to awaken that truth and uncover the soul of your brand. How do you change the lives of your customers? What motivates you to keep moving forward? What makes you different? You’re not just a business. You’re a breathing entity that impacts real people. You have a story. Let us tell it.

  • Limits are dead. In this new digital world, we are endowed with an intense power to defy the boundaries that once existed. Trainor is at the path-breaking edge of this new frontier, building tools that enable connection and creating user experiences that change what people think, say, and do. We devour new research and technology. We obsess about data and measurement. We are compelled by your problems until we solve them. Because helping you achieve, transcend, and conquer makes us feel alive.

  • Amidst the noise of a thousand competing messages, a few brands manage to stand out. These rare brands achieve social media success because they evoke stories that cut to the heart. At Trainor, we’re masters at telling stories across platforms, at creating systems of interactions that drive connection, and cultivating relationships that are meaningful and true. Let us help you craft and share your story, to find your tribes, and to analyze - and maximize - your results.


Grow Your Brand. Grow Your Business.

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