GOSO 20th Anniversary Gala


Getting Out and Staying Out (GOSO) is one of the most effective reentry programs in New York City for young legal-system-involved individuals.

TRAINOR collaborated with GOSO for their 2024 Gala commemorating two decades of transformative impact. Together, we surpassed projected fundraising amounts and propelled the GOSO brand forward for an unforgettable evening.

Together with GOSO, we landed on the theme "Unveiling what's on the horizon..."

The founder of GOSO, Mark Goldsmith, began his career as a volunteer at the "Horizon Academy", an educational program on Rikers Island. The Gala celebrated Mark's accomplishments, revealed a new CEO, and showcased successful GOSO stories. The aim was to acknowledge GOSO's early beginnings and to focus on where the organization is headed. "Horizon" denotes both the starting point of GOSO's journey and the promise of a bright future, with exciting developments yet to come.

Mark G History

Dynamic illustrations represent hope for a bright future

GOSO 2 Colors v2

Ribbon represent an unveiling of new beginnings

GOSO Ribbon
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GOSO Social 1
GOSO Lucites
GOSO Lobby Columns
GOSO 7 Lobby Columns
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