New Website Launch for Leading National Public Adjusting & Disaster Recovery Firm

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By Jonathan Trainor

Our team recently launched a new digital platform & marketing engine for the country’s leading public adjusting & disaster recovery firm, Adjusters International. For the past six months, TRAINOR has been collaborating with Adjusters International in strategically architecting the new website’s navigation architecture, designing the optimal UX/UI (mobile-first of course), and developing a cutting-edge aircraft carrier built on the SilverStripe content management system. The result is a state-of-the-art digital platform & marketing engine, deployed for ten Adjusters International firms across the country.

This project was yet another example of TRAINOR’s unique collaborative team approach to getting the job done the only way we know how to...the right way, and the best way for our client’s brand. Everyone from TRAINOR involved in this project including our – President & CEO, Director of Technology, Director of Web Development, Director of Brand Management & Digital, Director of Content, Director of Digital & Social Media Marketing, Full-Stack Web Developers, and UX Designers – were instrumental in seeing this project through.

Three days into our launch and we are still receiving very positive feedback from all of the firms regarding the new and optimized website;

  • MUCH better User Experience, especially on mobile.
  • Easier, faster, and more intuitive content management system interface.
  • Stronger, more concise, more conversational copy and messaging.
  • An intimate experience created for all target audiences.
  • Finally, communicating and demonstrating “What’s In It For Me?” to prospective clients.

Now that the foundation has been built, our Digital Marketing division is continuing to develop, deploy, and manage SEM and SMM campaigns daily that are driving incremental traffic to the new firms’ websites; creating brand awareness and ultimately an increase in leads. However, as we tell all of our clients, the new Adjusters International website is a living and breathing asset. Now that the new digital platform & marketing engine is launched, it will be able to grow and evolve with the Adjusters International brand and business.

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Jonathan is a brand management professional with 15 years of experience in strategic brand management and production. As Chief Operating Officer, he advises, strategizes, and collaborates with clients, and oversees all aspects of digital and traditional productions with our team.