Nirvana Water Sciences


TRAINOR is working with Nirvana Water Sciences to help bring their new water products to market. Nirvana Water Sciences is infusing transformative science into natural Adirondack spring water bringing health and wellness benefits to everybody. Every body. This infusion includes patented sciences that will change the way we hydrate and care for our Muscle Wellness. The first product to market is Nirvana HMB, Adirondack spring water infused with patented myHMB(R) Clear.

TRAINOR is working with the Nirvana Water Sciences team on a full-scope branding and marketing strategy including labels, packaging, brand development and messaging, web development, digital marketing, a full scope go-to-market strategy, and more. TRAINOR and Nirvana Water Sciences are working to make HMB part of your daily routine so you can stay strong. 

TRAINOR will continue to collaborate with Nirvana Water Sciences to successfully launch and brand a series of scientifically infused water beverages.