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Fads, trends, copycats everywhere. Walk into a grocery store, you’ll find 20 different brands of seltzers. How do you choose? They all have flavor varieties. Many are engulfed in slick packaging. They all have bubbles. Which seltzer shall reign supreme on aisle 8? 

What’s the difference?

When it comes to successful brands, establishing a key differentiator can be essential. It's important to establish the “why.” Why buy? Why use? Why spend? Why care? Why is this product different and better than my other options?

What Makes You Different Makes You Special

Many top brands were built on key differentiators.  

Under Armour developed a moisture-wicking material for workout clothes to allow athletes to remain cool during training and competition. This innovation separated their product from competitors who were selling cotton shirts that athletes found suffocating during intense workouts. Other brands have since developed the technology and offer moisture-wicking clothes, but Under Armour was first to build their brand around this key differentiator, and now, despite the copycats, are still considered the best moisture-wicking brand based on the fact that they were first-to-market.

A Look Into What Makes Nirvana Water Sciences Different

Nirvana HMB, water beverage and TRAINOR client, is a revolutionary water product. Nirvana HMB is the only water infused with HMB. HMB is a naturally occurring substance produced in your body that supports muscle health. It decreases muscle protein breakdown and increases muscle protein synthesis, but depletes as you age. 

HMB is clinically supported to: 

  • Increase muscle strength, capacity, and gains from training
  • Reduce muscle recovery time from exercise, breakdown, soreness, and injury
  • Decrease muscle loss and degradation from aging and activity

Nirvana HMB is the only water that has this transformative science and can support these benefits. It defies a single demographic. HMB benefits competitive athletes with improved results and recovery, the elderly with vitality and improved quality of life, and everyone in between. 100% naturally sourced spring water infused with transformative science bringing life-enhancing benefits to everybody, every body. The only water infused with HMB, establishing the category, Muscle Wellness. 

Now that is a differentiator.

Here’s the catch. This product will be a game-changer for the masses, but the majority of the “masses” have never heard of HMB or what it can do for them. How beneficial is a differentiator for your product if the public has never heard of it? It's likely they aren't aware that they need it!

Show The Value In The Differences

Sometimes even the greatest differentiators will require education. What is HMB, and why should I drink it? Back to the “why.” A complicated science infused into spring water with such an array of benefits relevant to such a variety of demographics requires keeping it simple.

Communicating with your audience with simple, concise, and relevant messaging. Hooking them in to want to explore more. Utilizing all platforms and mediums working together, as one engine, to tell your product’s story. 

For Nirvana HMB… Living longer by living stronger.

A message that resonates with everybody. Longer runs. Stronger workouts. Longer career. Stronger muscles late in life. Longer visits with the grandchildren. Stronger recovery. Longer. Stronger. Longer. Stronger.

Educating the masses on a one-of-a-kind differentiator. The education, the story, and the journey are just beginning!

At TRAINOR, we collaborate with our clients to build the most effective branding strategy to ensure communication and education are maximized.

Collaboration, strategy, planning, execution - then seeing it all come to life. It’s a thrill!

HMB = Muscle Wellness = Living longer by living stronger.

The only water infused with Muscle Wellness.

Now you know.

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