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Discovery Day 101:

When clients initially come to us they are typically looking for strategic guidance and recommendations with their brand. Whether it’s a new brand, a brand that is evolving, or a brand that has existed for years and needs updating, they are looking for direction. 

A brand is like naming your baby. It’s a living breathing entity, not a logo. A brand is holistic and has personality. It’s the way you answer the phone, and how your organization is perceived, it’s culture. 

We evaluate the following:

  • Is the Brand Name relevant?
  • Do we need a new name, or does it fit?
  • Does the Brand Mark need to be updated, enhanced, or is it fine as is? 

Oftentimes during the Discovery phase we uncover epiphanies that reveal a direction and approach that was never considered before. 

If a client is looking to build or pivot their brand and/or messaging, we collaborate and lead them in making that possible. To make this happen, we guide clients through a recommended, full-day TRAINOR Discovery retreat. During this “fact-finding event” we conduct a series of discussions and exercises designed to produce a strategic brand roadmap for their future. 

We start by meeting with the client to collaborate, learn, quantify, qualify, identify, build consensus, and gain an understanding.

We then proceed to a series of questions on the State-of-the-Organization. We look to identify and quantify the current organizational situation internally and externally. We get down to the core of the brand. We identify and map out your Vision, Mission, Brand DNA, and Brand Core Values. This includes identifying the desired organizational, internal and external, Brand Culture and Behavior. 

Next we develop your Brand Platform. This involves determining your Brand and Organization’s Relevancy, Uniqueness, Brand Positioning and Core Brand Message. We provide the Architecture and identify the Brand and Organization’s Value Proposition and Discipline, Goals and Objectives, Brand Personality, Brand Perception, and Brand Expectation.

By the end of the day, we and the client have a clear and solid understanding of their business and the brand. We map out both their short-term and long-term business goals and objectives, and we’ve identified the necessary next steps to make it happen in the most methodical and strategic way possible. It's an exhausting day, but the results are amazing!


Typically, we conduct a TRAINOR Discovery retreat for new clients; however, in the case of ICAN (formerly Kids Oneida) they were in search of a transformative Brand shift. Since their original Discovery ten years prior, they had expanded and their programs and services had significantly changed. Their Brand was “Kids Oneida,” but they were no longer just “Kids” and no longer just in “Oneida” county. Their Brand Name no longer fit.

Yet, their mission of “Keeping Families Together” had not changed. A new name, a refreshed identity – one that accurately captured their continuous mission and growth as an organization – was urgently needed. After completing our second Discovery retreat together, the true structure of the organization became clear and a new Brand Name for the organization was born: ICAN (Integrated Community Alternatives Network).

That was just the beginning. Once we had the new Brand foundation that Discovery provided, we were then able to facilitate all other aspects involved with creating and developing ICAN’s re-brand. With all of the right elements in place, they were ready to unveil the refreshed brand to their employees and the public at Brand Day – a day packed with Brand discussions, photos, and newly branded swag items. As always, it was a fun and rewarding experience for all who were involved.    

Curious about learning how you can discover your brand and build it to its full potential? Let’s connect!

  • brad
    Brad Lewthwaite
    Senior Art Director
    Brad merges art & design with typography & content. Creating brand awareness is his game. Classically trained with gouache and 20+ years of design experience places your brand in good hands. When not laser-focused on design, Brad is off the grid exploring the Great Outdoors while rooting for his beloved Red Sox.