Swim In Blue Oceans

There are red oceans and there are blue oceans. Which one will you dive into?

At first glance, a red ocean may seem inviting and comfortable, but can then become dangerous waters. Since this is where most of the fish want to swim — spotting and following schools — it can get crowded and hard to see the sharks approaching and then feasting on the fish. The result? Bloody waters. Red ocean.

The majority of young brands within an industry attempt to enter and compete with one another in red oceans where there are already dominant industry leaders controlling the market share: the sharks. As these young fish follow the trends, imitate, and seek to out-do one another, the fat and merciless sharks continue to dominate, eating up these fish when they want to.

Why swim in that ocean?

Blue oceans are much friendlier, but harder to find. These are unexplored industries or categories. Waters that have not yet been discovered and conquered.

Innovative concepts, ideas, and categories take over these waters, and the first fish in generally sticks around for a long time. With the right strategy and execution, this fish may just eventually become the shark.

Do you have an innovative concept?

What makes your brand different? Are you emphasizing this? Is there a need for your differentiators?

Figure out what makes you different, or what can make you different, and discover blue oceans. You may just realize that, mmm, the water’s fine.

  • nate
    Nate Richman
    Brand Manager
    Nate is a brand management professional specializing in client relations, content creation, brand strategy, and event management. Nate also has an extensive background in sports marketing and athlete representation and works directly with all Trainor Sports Marketing clients.