The Mobile Advantage

The shift to mobile is happening has happened.

At TRAINOR we are passionate about building and enhancing brands for a diverse array of companies. In a world of hourly updates to technology and constantly changing ways of consuming information and entertainment, we take pride in always executing the most cutting-edge strategies.

This is why, when many in the industry say, “the shift to mobile is happening,” we respectfully make a tweak to this statement. The shift to mobile has happened. We develop unique campaigns, practices, and technologies daily to be sure our clients are taking full advantage of this shift.

Here is a glimpse at some incredible numbers that hammer home the point.

  • 5.1 Billion people in the world own a cell phone. In comparison, 4.2 Billion people in the world own a toothbrush.

  • There are 7.9 Billion (approximately) active mobile devices in the world (greater than the world population).

  • 78% of people have their phone with them all but 2 hours per day.

  • 87% of people are consuming at least one additional device while they watch television.

There are plenty more staggering statistics like these. What a magnificent opportunity for a brand to get in front of an extensive number of people. Our innovative strategies allow all of our clients to do just that.

How will your brand take advantage?

  • nate
    Nate Richman
    Brand Manager
    Nate is a brand management professional specializing in client relations, content creation, brand strategy, and event management. Nate also has an extensive background in sports marketing and athlete representation and works directly with all Trainor Sports Marketing clients.